29 Rules of Bishnoi or Commandments of Bishnoi Community

29 Rules of  Bishnoi Community (Bishnoi Caste) / Bishnoi 29 Rules in English:

The Bishnoi are a community of nature worshippers who follow 29 principles or rules in their daily life. These rules were given by their founder Guru Jambheshwar in the 15th century. Here are the 29 rules in English:

  1. Observe a 30-day state of ritual impurity after childbirth and keep mother and child separate from household activities.
  2. Observe a 5-day segregation period for women during menstruation.
  3. Bathe daily in the morning before sunrise.
  4. Obey the ideal rules of life: modesty, patience, or satisfaction, and cleanliness.
  5. Pray twice daily (morning and evening).
  6. Eulogize Lord Vishnu in the evening through Aarti (devotional ceremony).
  7. Perform Havan (fire sacrifice) with devotion and love for the sake of well-being.
  8. Use filtered water, milk, and cleaned firewood.
  9. Speak pure words with sincerity.
  10. Practice forgiveness from the heart.
  11. Be merciful with sincerity.
  12. Do not steal or harbor any intention to do so.
  13. Do not condemn or criticize.
  14. Do not lie.
  15. Do not indulge in disputes or debates.
  16. Observe the fast on Amavasya (new moon day).
  17. Worship and recite prayers in adoration of Lord Vishnu.
  18. Be merciful to all living beings and love them.
  19. Do not cut down green trees, contributing to environmental conservation.
  20. Suppress lust, anger, greed, and attachment.
  21. Cook your own food or consume food prepared by someone pure.
  22. Provide shelters for abandoned animals to avoid their slaughter in abattoirs.
  23. Do not sterilize bulls.
  24. Do not use or trade opium.
  25. Do not smoke or use tobacco or its products.
  26. Do not take bhang (cannabis).
  27. Do not drink alcohol or liquor.
  28. Do not wear blue clothes due to the potential harm indigo dye inflicts on insects.
  29. Always be truthful and honest in your dealings.
These principles are not associated with a caste system, but rather a religious and cultural identity. Click here to read the 29 rules of the Bishnoi community in Hindi.

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