Bishnoi : Nature loving and environmental protection community

The Bishnoi community is a unique and inspiring:

The Bishnoi community is a unique and inspiring example of living in harmony with nature. The Bishnois are a Hindu religious sect that follows 29 principles given by their founder, Guru Jambheshwar in the 15th century. These principles include respect for all living beings, protection of trees and animals, cleanliness, honesty, compassion, and devotion to God.

Bishnoi : Environmental conservation and wildlife protection community

The Bishnois are known for their fearless and selfless acts of environmental conservation and wildlife protection. They believe that harming nature is a sin and are ready to sacrifice their lives to save it. One of the most famous incidents of their courage and commitment is the Khejarli massacre of 1730, when 363 Bishnois, led by a woman named Amrita Devi, hugged the trees to prevent them from being cut by the king’s men. The Bishnois consider this event as their supreme sacrifice and celebrate it every year.

The Bishnois also have a special bond with the animals, especially the blackbuck antelope, which they consider as their sacred animal. They feed, care, and protect the blackbucks from poachers and predators. They also rescue and rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals, such as deer, peacocks, cranes, and partridges. Bishnoi women are known to breastfeed the fawns as their own children. The Bishnois have also filed several legal cases against celebrities and influential people who have violated their wildlife sanctuaries and hunted their animals.

Bishnoi environmental protection community

The Bishnois live in simple and eco-friendly houses made of mud and cow dung. They wear white clothes and avoid wearing blue, as the dye is obtained by cutting shrubs. They are vegetarians and do not consume alcohol or tobacco. They practice organic farming and use cow dung as manure. They also avoid using firewood that has insects or sap. They worship in their temples, where they sing hymns and offer prayers to their Guru and God.

House and Clothes of Bishnoi's: 

The Bishnoi community is a living example of the ancient Indian philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means “the world is one family”. They have shown the world how to coexist peacefully and respectfully with nature and its creatures. They have also inspired many environmental movements and activists across the globe. The Bishnoi community is a treasure of India’s cultural and ecological heritage and deserves our admiration and appreciation.

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